Goodfood Box Full Review

Hello everybody!

I am back with another meal box review. I know, again, right? Well, another one of my friends gave me a free ”Goodfood” box this time! Shout out to my girl Megan for the free goods!

Also, even though I got this box for free, this is NOT a sponsored post, just to let you guys know!


I’ll follow the same format as I did for the ”HelloFresh” box but I’ll try my best to stay objective and not only compare them to each other.

Here we go!


Shipping and Packaging

It didn’t start all that great for me when I did not, in fact, get my box on December 26th… Until I looked up the website and saw that, because of the Holidays, deliveries would be delayed and I would get my box on the 28th instead. Well… okay I guess. I was still slightly frustrated to be honest. On the 28th, however, I got my box bright and early (around 9:30am, which was great because I was on vacation but not awesome if I would have been at work… oh well…).


The meals are divided into plastic bags, that come in a huge insulated cardboard box. The website seemed to be saying that the plastic is recyclable (Unless you live in a place that sucks at recycling, like me!). The meat was packaged nicely with ice packs under the bags and another layer of insulated cardboard.

Once again, I am slightly doubtful of how this would fair in 30 degrees Celsius weather, especially if it gets delivered so early but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that they have a ”summer plan”.



Now, in the meal bags, most of the ingredients were packaged in extra Ziploc-type plastic bags which I find just adds to the plastic that I cannot recycle here. I wish the ingredients would have been loose in the bag whenever possible. The little containers for sauces and the likes were pretty sturdy though, I’ll be able to re-use them, which is nice.

I do not recall seeing anything on the website regarding the ice packs, I just kept them in the freezer for now.

Freshness of Ingredients

Unfortunately, some of my ingredients were not as fresh as they could have been. One recipe called for Thai basil, which was either really wilted or had frozen to death… Either way, I couldn’t use it. Since it was only a garnish it’s not too bad but it was still a little disappointing.

Otherwise, the rest seemed pretty fresh. The meat seemed fresh and well packaged.


Recipes and Instructions

The recipes were very simple and easy to follow. They came on large cardstock paper that you can keep on file. You can also access the recipes on the website.

I couldn’t find an app, I’m not sure if it’s in the works or not.

The timings for cooking were fairly accurate, the recipes were very quick to make, which is perfect for weeknights!



Pork Meatballs in Thai Coconut Curry



Mine and my husband’s favorite of the week by far! To the point that I already made it again with ingredients that I purchased specifically for it.

This is the recipe that called for the Thai basil for garnish, clearly, it was glorious without it as well. It’s not the prettiest of recipes, but it was oh so tasty.

The recipe was easy to follow and was done in about 30-40 minutes, mostly because I’m slightly paranoid about fully cooking my meat since I got salmonella a few years back. Now I know that salmonella is for poultry and that pork is usually safe to eat even slightly undercooked, but this was ground pork and I’m not taking any chances dammit!

The only modification I made when I made this recipe again is that I added an egg and a bit of panko breadcrumbs to make the meatballs hold a little better.

Besides that, perfect recipe, super fragrant and delicious. The Thai chili gave it the perfect kick (I only put half of one cuz we all know I’m a spice wimp).

Final rating:  5/ 5

Whiskey-Rubbed Pork Chops with Scalloped Potatoes


Was it good? Yes. Did I call my mom to tell her how good it was? No.

It was good, but it didn’t rock my world. I may have been biased since the first meal of the week had been so fabulous, we may never know…

My husband said he liked the spice rub, and now I wish I knew exactly what was in it… Same for the vinaigrette. It’s very convenient for the night of, that some things are pre-made, but not if you want to re-create the recipe…

For me, the scalloped potatoes were the real MVP of this meal, but then again, I LOVE scalloped potatoes (they’re the main reason why I chose this meal). I did have to cook them about 15 minutes longer than the recipe card said, but that might be more of a personal preference than an actual mistake in the cooking time.

All in all, a fine meal, but not necessarily one that will become a staple in our house.

Final rating: 3/ 5

Peanut Butter Dumplings


So, I really dropped the ball on this one. Remember how, in my last post, I mentioned my husband’s allergy to mushrooms?

Well, guess who got too excited when she saw this meal that she didn’t read the description? Yup, this girl. So I did not, in fact, notice that these guys were vegetarian shitake mushrooms dumplings.

Yeah. GO me, right?

Since I was far too tired that day to make 2 different types of dumplings, I made the executive decision to use frozen pork dumplings that I had in the freezer. GASP! I know! I used the mushrooms and cabbage to make myself some Bibimbap later in the week.

The peanut sauce was delicious, my husband came back after eating one dumpling to dump the rest of the sauce on his plate. Always a good sign in my book.

I will definitely make that sauce again since we love dumplings, we have it fairly often and one can get tired of the soy sauce-rice vinegar combo.

The green beans were fresh and crisp, nothing groundbreaking about them but they were good.

Final rating: 4.5/ 5


This concludes my ”Goodfood” box review!

Final conclusion. Would I buy this box again? Probably. I liked that it was slightly less expensive than ”HelloFresh” and the meals were more up my alley. This is something that I would order when my husband is away for work and I can order anything I want ahahah no dealing with Mr.Picky-Eater!

I did enjoy the large selection of meals to choose from, especially their ”Artisan” meal which is much fancier for a small added price. Ex. Porter House Steaks, Lobster Risotto, etc. They also have ”Easy Prep” boxes as well as boxes tailored for those who are gluten sensitive or lactose intolerant, which is a very nice touch.

I also saw on their website that they have a program where for every box purchased, ”Goodfood” makes a donation to Canadian organizations that help provide breakfast or lunch for school children in need. I like that. As a kid, I went to a primary school in a low-income area and, while I always had breakfast before school, a lot of my classmates didn’t. The school was part of a breakfast program that provided milk and granola bars or fruits 3 times a week and I know that it made a huge difference with a lot of kids. So kudos to ”Goodfood” for helping out, well done!

Is it still more expensive than grocery shopping? Yes. Once again, we have to weigh in convenience VS cost. It’s not something that I personally would order every week, but the website lets you skip weeks when you don’t want to order.

All in all, the ”Goodfood” box is a great product. You can check out their website for more info if you are interested in ordering. They usually have pretty good deals for the first order (or you can get a free box from a regular subscriber like me!)

This is it for this week! From now on, I’ll try to post every Wednesday, so keep an eye out!

Until next time,


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