Got ink?

Hey guys,

So I did a thing last Friday. For those of you who follow me on social media, you’ll know that I was at the Fredericton Tattoo Expo all weekend.

Did I get a tattoo there? Sure did!

Did it hurt? Boy did it ever!

Would I do it again? Hell yeah!

I thought I’d make it this week’s post so get ready to dive with me in pictures!

My artist was Nick Frank from Nova Scotia, you can follow his Instagram:

Disclaimer: Some pics are a little grisly…

* Thanks to my friend Kim and my husband for the pictures and videos! *

Friday, 5:30pm

Stencil is on!

We’re happy with how it looks and the placement, so we’re just waiting for it to dry.

Friday, 6pm ish

Started! No going back, this cat is happening!

Friday, 8pm ish

Outline is all done!

Time for a 10 min break. At this point, the pain was still super bearable and I felt pretty cocky.

Look at me having my first long sitting like a badass!

Friday, 8:30pm ish

We started color! And shading! And everything that you have to tattoo on top of very irritated skin!

At that point, the pain was still bearable but it is more painful.

Friday, 10pm ish

This, is my face when the pain started to be pretty bad…

I could see that we were almost done, and yet still had a lot to do…

Friday, 10:20pm

Break time again before the home stretch.

So very close. I was pretty happy for the break because the pain is making me do faces now…

Friday, 11:10pm ish

Tadaaaa!! All done!

Took about 5h total, turns out, that’s a bit more than I’m comfortable with…

Or maybe I’m just a wimp… either or.

Tuesday Night

As I was healing with Saniderm (Second Skin) I had to keep the bandage on for a few days.

The plasma my body was producing to help healing what is essentially an open wound, was accumulating with the extra ink under the wrap.

Looks kinda gross.

Later Tuesday Night

Time to remove the bandage!

I won’t lie here, removing it hurt. Like, quite a bit. It IS taped on your skin and tattoo so, not pleasant to remove…

This is what it looked like after:

Thursday morning

It’s peeling time!

Also known as “stupidly itchy time”…

And that’s where we’re at now! Follow me on Instagram for updates!

Until next time,


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