Endy Mattress Review

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we received our Endy mattress!

We have been sleeping on it for about a week now so I figured I’d give you guys a bit of a review!

Please note that this post is NOT sponsored, we bought the mattress with our own money because we needed one and we heard good stuff about the Endy.

Here we go!

First of all, let me just say that our old mattress was A) Very old and uncomfortable, and B) Not a memory foam mattress.

The first 2-3 night were an adjustment, as we weren’t used to memory foam, it was pretty different. Not in a bad way, it was very comfy, we just weren’t used to it.


The shipping took a little longer than we expected, maybe we’ve been spoiled by Amazon Prime?

It took about 2 weeks.

When we did get it, we were a bit worried because the box was in horrible shape.

That being said, the plastic wrap of the mattress was fine and the cutting tool was in the box so in the end, it was ok.


The unwrapping is pretty easy. Cut the plastic, unroll the mattress, unfold it, let it poof out.

Not much to be said about that really… it did poof and bounce out pretty quickly. We still waited a few hours before actually sleeping on it but we probably could have gone to sleep right then.

The instructions do mention that the mattress reaches optimal comfiness in about a week, to be honest, it feels no different to me than the first day…


It is very comfortable, not sure how it compares to other memory foam mattresses, but once we got used to it, we had a hard time getting out of bed.

Because of the nature of the memory foam, we can’t feel the other (or the dog) moving much at all. That is a HUGE difference from our old spring mattress that basically felt like a bouncy castle… Comfort A+


Ah, finally, the price. This bad boy set us back around $980 with taxes. The Queen size mattress runs for $850 and we had a coupon code for $50.

Now, from what I know of mattresses, this is pretty average. For a good mattress, this isn’t overly expensive, but to be clear, it isn’t overly cheap either.

I think we got good quality for the price so I’m okay with it. Plus, with 100 nights warranty, we know that it’s a risk-free purchase.

Overall, this is a great mattress. The online ordering of a mattress can be scary, since you’re not trying it on, but with the 100 nights warranty, it’s a pretty safe bet.

The interactions I had with customer service were quick and very helpful, which I’m always a big fan of. I have been known to recommend companies or services based strictly on their customer service. Endy has passed my customer experience test!

That’s it for this review! I hope you found it helpful!

Let me know if you try it, or if you already have one!

Until next time,


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  1. Leanne Robertson says:

    We bought an Endy when we moved here in 2017 on the advice of a friend who had one. And yes, the 100 day guarantee does make it less scary! We love ours!


    1. So far we do too! My husband is taking longer to get used to it, but comfy!


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