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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I injured my knee and it threw everything outta wack! Now I gotta wear this big ass brace with hinges and everything… That’ll teach me to try to work out! I was right all these years, exercising IS dangerous!

Whatever, it’ll be fine.

Being stuck inside sitting on my butt, I did watch an awful lot of TV and read a lot, guess that makes sense right? So I figured, might as well let you know what I watched and read to give you ideas of things to do inside, where the AC lives!

Here we go

Watch it & Read it (1)

TV Shows

Alright, let’s be honest here, I watched a lot more than the 4 TV Shows I will talk about, feel free to judge me ahahah. That being said, those are all found on Netflix Canada at the time of publication but you might be able to stream them elsewhere.

Solomon’s Perjury


This show was originally aired on JTBC in 2016-2017 but recently got added to Netflix.

It’s the story of a class who decides to hold a full-on trial after the death of one of their classmates is dismissed very quickly as a suicide by the school and the police. They go on and research law and trial procedures to uncover the truth.

I absolutely loved it! The mystery was enough to be interesting but not too much as to be forced. Also, because of how they show flashbacks of every testimony and version of events, I couldn’t tell what happened for sure until the next to last episode. Did I suspect? Yes, of course, but I could not tell for sure!

All in all, it’s an excellent show, a little heavy at times, but worth a watch for sure!


The Umbrella Academy


A Netflix original adapted by a Comic Book. I was already into it before even watching it… It came out in February 2019.

The story follows a super dysfunctional family of siblings who were all adopted as infants because of superpowers. Now they’re all grown up and majorly messed up. Most of them went their own way after growing up but when they all meet again oof, the drama!

Now, this show is not super heavy, even though they do touch up some heavy subjects. The humour (sometimes dark) makes that show amazing and very easy to watch, it also only has 10 episodes so, not a major time commitment either.

I highly enjoyed it and you probably will too!


School 2017


Originally, this show aired on KBS2 in, obviously, 2017. I actually lied, this particular show is not on Netflix (Though it should be), you can watch it on VIKI.

This is a very typical high school drama with everything it entails, getting good grades, thinking about the future, caring and uncaring teachers, and of course love!

This is one of my favourite couples I ever saw in a KDrama (I won’t spoil who), it’s so refreshing to see a healthy relationship! Give me couples who are friends first, who support each other, who genuinely apologize when they mess up, who are real! Ugh, I loved it!

This is one of my favourite high school drama because it’s real but not overly complicated (looking at you ‘Heirs’), do check it out!


Chef and my Fridge


My FAVOURITE variety show these days! Originally, it airs on JTBC under the name ‘Please take care of the refrigerator’ since 2014, but there are quite a few episodes on Netflix (I keep hoping they’ll get newer episodes…).

This show is part talk show, part cooking show, and part cooking competition, it is hilarious! They bring in the fridge of different celebrities (from singers to actors, comedians, doctors, etc) and using only what is in the fridge, 4 chefs must compete to make them delicious meals that fit a theme chosen by the celerity.

Even my husband enjoys that show because it’s hilarious but also, the food that they manage to make always looks so delicious!

Check it out and prepare to get hungry!



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- Season of the Witch

By Sarah Rees Brennan

This is a prequel to the Netflix show, therefore, none of the events happening on the show are known.

I loved that it had the same kind of feel as the show, kinda creepy, but not really.

The book takes place a couple months before Sabrina’s birthday/ dark baptism so expect to read about that quite a bit!

For the neophytes around, Sabrina Spellman is a half-witch, half-mortal girl. On her 16th Birthday she’s going to have to choose in which world she belongs. Witch, or mortal.

See the Netflix show for more!

All around, I loved it and can’t wait for season 3 of the show! I hope there will be other books as well.

These Wiches Don’t Burn

By Isabel Sterling

Please forgive my Amazon picture, I got this book on Kindle so I had no actual paper copy…

Witchcraft and teenagers is always an excellent trope as far as I’m concerned! In this book, we follow a coven of Elemental witches in Salem, except in our days.

The storyline was good and the characters interesting, I’ll definitely read the sequel when it comes out.

My only negative point about it was that, even though representation is great in the book, it sometimes feels a bit forced. It could just be the writing style but that’s how I felt.

Still excellent, still excited for the next one!

The Similars

By Rebecca Hanover

I have my friend Kim to thank for this one! She brought it to our Book Club and it looked so good I borrowed it right away!

The story is about students who are attending a very elite school. Very hard to get into, very into traditions, you see the type.

Now the scandal is that clones are going to attend their school. Some were cloned from classmates.

It opens up the whole debate about the ethicality of cloning to begin with, but also if the clones should have contact with their source DNA.

It’s an excellent read and I will be awaiting the sequel with no patience at all! Be out already!!!

So that’s it for this week, hopefully everyone is having a great (and uninjured) summer so far!

Until next time,


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