Favourite Canadian Youtubers

Hey everyone!

First of all, this post is going up on November 12th, did you guys get Disney+ yet? I plan on getting it as soon as I wake up ahahah hoping the old classic movies are going to be on there! EDIT: They are!!! Huzzah!!!

Now, most of you will know by now that I’m Canadian. Being from Canada, it does seem hard sometimes to find Canadian entertainers, either actors, singers, etc. So I decided to compile my favourite Canadian Youtubers in a neat post!

Do check out all of those channels and be sure to like and subscribe, they’re all amazing! Also, little note, did you know that if you skip an ad on YouTube, the content creators won’t get the money for it? Just something to keep in mind when you’re watching and want to support the vloggers.

Favourite canadian youtubers

I tried to separate the channels into categories and it sorta worked… I think?




My favourite YouTube couple! Sarah is from Halifax in Nova Scotia, which is pretty close to where I currently live in New Brunswick so when they vlog their Canada yearly trip, it’s cool to see stuff that’s close to home. Kyuho is Korean, although he seems to have lived all over the place.

When they are not traveling, they live in Seoul in South Korea which I am DYING to visit. I should go in 2021 if all goes well.

They vlog weekly on Sundays and it’s mostly their daily life, what they eat, where they go, etc. They also have a cat Beemo, who is beyond cute.

Check them out – HERE


Sachie is a vlogger from Toronto. She is also a pretty popular video games streamer. Personally, I’ve been following her for years, mostly for her amazing cosplays that she wears at conventions all over the place, but also for her anime and manga reviews.

I was especially into her “Hot Pepper Anime Review” where she would eat a hot pepper and then attempt to review an anime. Hilarious.

She is really funny and you should absolutely check her out – HERE


Estée Lalonde (Previously Essie Button)

While Estee kinda rebranded herself in the last year or so by uploading more lifestyle content, she’s still one of the most down to Earth and cool beauty Youtuber out there.

She is originally from Canada but moved to the UK a few years back.

She is not only a YouTuber, but she also wrote a book (Bloom) and has her own podcast (On the line) and she also collaborated with Daisy London Jewelry to create a jewelry line. Homegirl is BU-SY.

You can (and should) check her out – HERE

Karissa Pukas (Previously SaturdayNightsAlrite)

Karissa is from British Columbia in Canada. She lived in Australia for a while but is now back on Canadian soil!

She is primarily a beauty YouTuber, but she also loves to talk about eco-responsible lifestyle and healthy living.

She was also known for posting a pretty popular series on her getting breast implants, she recently had them removed and also posted a video on that.

Look up her channel – HERE


Brianna Renee

I used to work with Brianna like, 5 ish years ago. She is just as nice and funny in real life as she is in her videos.

She is from New Brunswick and tends to do a bit of everything. She dabbles in DIY, unboxing, fashion, beauty, travel… Pretty well-rounded channel with stuff for everybody.

She also did quite a few “Draw my life” videos that are very popular!

Do check out her bubbly personality – HERE

Jeffrey Chang

I found him years ago when he used to make comedy type videos, he has now rebranded and makes musical covers and vlogs.

The man can sing, he’s really good at it. Especially his English covers of KPOP songs, those are pretty popular.

You can give his songs a listen and his channel some love – HERE

And voila! This concludes my post!

I hope it gave you guys some ideas to check out and, in the words of every YouTuber ever, don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Until next time,


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  1. I haven’t seen so many of these people! I am gonna check their videos out as well! (^_^)


    1. You definitely should!!

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