So I got a tarot reading

Hey everyone!

How are ya’ll doing? Pretty good over here, though I have been slacking off cooking in favor of you know… not cooking… and watching TV…

I did start exercising again following my knee injury (which you can read about HERE) and well, besides the fact that I am dreadfully out of shape, it’s going well. I still hate it. Is there a secret trick to enjoy exercising? Or is that a large scale deception from fit people because everybody actually hates it? One has to wonder…

Something new this week, I got a tarot reading!

That’s right. A colleague of mine recently launched her business and offered to do a reading for me. I’m all about new stuff so of course, I said yes.

So I got a tarot reading...

So I should start by saying that I have absolutely no idea how these readings usually go, so this is my own personal opinion on this one particular reading and does not reflect how all tarot readings are. I assume. Again, I have no clue.

So we started with two decks, not the traditional one that I have seen before in movies and such, one was a very pretty animal one and the other one had words and sayings on it.

Sophie (owner of ‘Flow and Focus’ and my tarot reader) started by shuffling to get the cards that were drawn to me to ”jump out”, literally, a couple cards kinda flew off during the shuffling.

Then, she drew the chosen cards one by one while letting me know what significance she was getting from them.

In the end, all of my cards pointed to me worrying far too much about everything (which is fair, I tend to do that) and that, if I let go of my excessive worry, very good things were going to happen for me soon.

Travel specifically was mentioned quite a few times, which would be great! Sophie also mentioned that she thought all that good stuff coming my way would happen fairly soon and pretty quickly. I guess only time will tell!

This is the final reading:


All in all, it was a really cool experience. Do I believe in it? I want to. I really do, I just have a hard time convincing myself I guess. Damn you logical brain!

If you are interested in experiencing your very own tarot reading, you can check out her Facebook page ‘Flow and Focus’ – HERE – and book an appointment online or offline.

Have you guys got a tarot reading before? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

I hope everyone is having a great week, that’s all for me today!

Until next time,


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