How to prepare for home quarantine

Hi everyone, my name is Andreanne and I’m a lowkey prepper.

What’s a prepper you ask? Well, it’s a term that designates people who try to be as ready as possible for a large array of doomsday type scenarios. Notice that I said ‘lowkey’… As ready as I am for the zombie apocalypse, it turns out, I wasn’t quite ready for being in in-home quarantine/ self-isolation.

Rest assured, both my husband and myself are still healthy. I chose to self-isolate because I am considered ‘at-risk’, and therefore, I had to figure shit out.

Now obviously, this ‘guide’ is what works for me, a general guideline, you will want to adapt this for your own needs.

How to get ready for in-home quarantine


First things first, an in-home quarantine can vary in length, I am going with 2 weeks for this article (and given the current situation), make sure to adapt for longer quarantine period depending on the situation.

Essentially, you need to be able to stay inside your house for 14 days. It makes sense that you need 2 weeks worth of a few things. Now don’t be that person who will head to Costco and buy out all of the toilet paper. You do not, in fact, need 72 rolls of toilet paper for 2 weeks unless you have a family of 12. If you do, please go ahead, but otherwise, leave some TP for the rest of us!

Here’s a basic list of things to make sure you have a 14 days supply of.


We are assuming that the quarantine isn’t happening during some kind of natural disaster. Just a normal day with a virus going around. There is no need to get an insane amount of canned goods. Your fresh and frozen food will last the same amount of time as usual. Just make a big shopping trip and everything will be just fine.

If you want to order a meal delivery service, not a bad idea, as long as deliveries are still happening. If they are, take a look at my review of Goodfood and Hello Fresh.


That’s what my local grocery store looked like on Friday night. Again, your regular shopping list is just fine, just buy a bit more!

Pet food & supplies

Don’t forget your pets! Make sure you’re not about to finish that bag of dry food in your garage. You’ll want to have dry food, wet food, frozen food (depending on what they eat), some treats, any medicine or supplement they take, any hygiene necessities (cage shavings, puppy pads, sawdust, etc) and any other supplies you have on a regular basis. Just make sure you’re good to go for a solid 2 weeks.

Those are my girls, Luna (the dog) and Cocotte (the cat)

Medicines & Medical supplies

Obviously, if you are taking any prescription medication, you should talk to your pharmacist to make sure you have a 2 weeks supply on hand. Don’t forget that birth control falls under that category.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you have the basics at home.

  • Ibuprophen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine
  • Anti-nausea medicine
  • Constipation medicine
  • Cold & Flu medicine
  • Allergy medication
  • Cold syrup
  • Anti-Acid

Now those are very basic items, if you need more specific items like Lactaid per example, you’ll need to stock up on those. Again, no need to stockpile like they are going out of business, you just want to have the basics at home so you don’t have to go to the drugstore during your isolation period.

You’ll also want some basic supplies:

  • Thermometer
  • Band-Aids
  • A first Aid kit
  • Any specific supplies you would need (diabetes test strips, insulin needles, etc.)

Again, this is a very general list but feel free to talk to your pharmacist or your doctor about the things you need to be ready.


I know this sounds dumb, but isolation at home can get old real fast and can definitely affect your mental health.

First, stay in touch. In this era of technology, be sure to stay in touch with your friends and family via texts, emails, video chats, tagging them in memes, what have you. Humans are, by nature, social beings (even my introvert self will need some sort of human connection)

Second, take time for your hobbies. No judging here, if your hobby is binge-watching Netflix like nobody’s business, go for it. Actually, enjoy some of my previous posts on what to watch and on Korean Dramas (serious binge-watching there, not for amateurs).

If your hobby is more like reading, read away! Avoid the public library for obvious reasons, but enjoy ebooks through apps like Kindle, KOBO, Libby, etc. You can also enjoy some fanfictions online for free! If you are looking for some ideas, look up my favourite series of 2018. Some great suggestions there!

The point is, take time to do stuff you enjoy. No matter what it is. Colouring, Yoga, Meditation, Knitting, etc. This is already a stressful time so better enjoy your time inside your house.

Third, try to stay active. I know, I know, I am the first one to loathe exercise. However, by being stuck at home, you are missing out on your daily physical activities such as walking to work or to your commute, going up and down the stairs at the office, working standing up, etc. No need to full-on work out (though you certainly can if you want to, plenty of free workout videos on Youtube) but being conscious and going for a walk outside if it’s safe, inside your house if it’s not, going up and down your stairs, stretching, etc. will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

And voila! That’s the basics of what you need.

The most important thing is to comply with the recommendations of the World’s Health Organization as well as your local government. Social distancing is the best way to minimize any outbreak or pandemic.

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments below and stay home, stay safe!

Have a great week nonetheless!


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  1. Elaine Barr says:

    Hi there, this is a great article. It was great you mentioned pets because sometimes people forget about additional pet foo.


    1. Thank you so much! And yes, especially big dogs require quite a bit of food! Or Horses actually! Better to have a lot and not need it than the opposite!


  2. You made some really good points there. I checked on the web for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.


  3. We will prepare nutritious food like vegetables and fruits ,

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lucy says:

    I’ve read that you shouldn’t take ibuprofen (and other anti inflammatory drugs) if you’re infected as it can aggravate the condition/infection. But obviously check with your doctor if they are prescribed for better information and definitely cross reference me as I’m no expert, it’s just something I’ve seen and thought better safe than sorry


    1. Thanks Lucy! I also did see that online and people definitely should ask a healthcare provider before taking anything if they suspect they could be infected by COVID-19. My thinking was more ‘if you have a headache while in Self-Isolation’ type deal! Thanks for the reminder though, ALWAYS ask a professional if you are worried about symptoms or medication! I’m no expert either after all!


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